Nintendo 64 Emulator Mac Tas

Application nameDescriptionNo. Versions
19641964 is one of the top Nintendo 64 Emulators. It runs almost all the Nintendo 64 games at a highly playable rate, and with improved graphics. There are even 'Hi-Res' texture packs for many popular games that significantly improve the old titles. 6
AAE (Another Arcade Emulator)Alternative arcade emulator for vector graphics-based games. 1
AccuTerm 2K2AccuTerm is a Windows terminal emulator. It can be used for Secure Shell and Telnet connections as well as various other emulations. From the products website: 2
AdViEmulatorEntex Adventure Vision emulator with debugging capabilities. 1
Android SDKTo download Android Platform versions. 1
anex86A popular and relativelly good PC9801 emulator. 1
AppleWinEmulator for Apple ][, ][e, ][c. Requires Apple ][ diskette images. 3
APPLEWIN.EXEAn 8bit and 16 bit olde Apple ][ emulator 1
ArbexA Psx Emulator which does not need a bios and has high accuracy. 1
BeebEmBeebEm is a BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator. It 2
bgbEmulator for Gameboy and Gameboy Color. 7
bleem!Commercial PlayStation emulator 1
BlueMSXEmulator for the MSX, MSX 2, MSX2+ and Turbo R types home computers from the early 80's. 2
BlueVistaBlueVista is UNIX terminal emulator for windows that simulates IBM 3151, IBM 3164, VT100, and VT220 terminal. 1
BoycottAdvanceA GBA emulator for Windows. It received an 8.1 rating on Emulator Zone. 1
bsnesArguably the most complete Super Nintendo Emulator. Near flawless emulation in every game. 4
Catching FeaturesCatching Features is an orienteering game you can play at home. Use it for rainy-day training or rest-day enjoyment. Several different modes of play are available. Individual courses are run with interval starts against computer opponents, or with a mass start against lots of them. Relay events allow you to run one leg of a forked relay course. (from about page) 1
CCNA 640-802 Network SimulatorCisco CCNA simulator 1
CCS64One of the better C64 emulators available for Windows. It fully emulates the 1541 disk drive, which had its own processor and is necessary to run the fastloaders that a lot of games use. 1
CemuNintendo Wii U emulator 14
ChankastChankast is a freeware Sega Dreamcast emulator for Microsoft Windows, capable of running many commercial games, assuming the host has enough processing power. 1
Cloanto C64 ForeverThis is a ready package for emulation of the c64 which includes games, programs and demos. 1
Console ClassixConsole Classix is an online gaming service which 'rents' or 'loans' ROM images to users when they want to play a certain game. ConsoleClassix has legitimate copies of the games in question, and appears legally able to provide this service because of how the games are distributed. ConsoleClassix utilizes freely distributable emulators for playing the ROMs, most of which are licensed under the GPL. 1
CPCEAmstrad CPC emulator for DOS, DPMI and WIN32. Minimum requirements are 1
CPS3 EMULATORA perfect emulator for winxp and vista of the capcom play system 3 (cps3) It runs on linux too with a minor issue on menus but itś fully funcional. 1
Cxbx-ReloadedCxbx-Reloaded is an emulator for the original Xbox. Started by Luke Usher as a port of Cxbx to 64bit Windows, the program has received many improvements, and continues to via contributions on Github. 3
DEmulNaomi - Naomi 2 -Atomiswave and Dreamcast emulator 3
DeSmuMEDeSmuME is a freeware emulator for the Nintendo DS created by 2
DGenAllows you to play Sega Genesis games on your computer. Includes ability to save game states and reload them later. 1
Dolphin (GameCube & Wii Emulator)­Dolphin is a Gamecube emulator. It also has preliminary support for Wii and basic Triforce emulation. 9
DOSBox'DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. 5
Driving Simulator 2009Driving Simulator 2009 gives you the feeling to drive a car with real driving conditions. 1
Droid4XDroid4X is an android emulator for Windows 1
DualisDualis is a plugin-based DS emulator for x86/Win32 computers. It is written in x86 assembly and C++. 2
DxbxDxbx is Xbox emulator written in Delphi programming language. 1
emu8086emu8086 emulates an 8086 microprocessor as well as some peripherals. It includes an IDE with syntax highlighting and a comfortable debugger. Really nice to pick up the basics of assembly programming :-) 2
EmuZWinEmuZWin is one of the fastest and correct among other 1
ePSXeSony PSX Emulator. I know there's a GNU/Linux binary for this emulator, but note the win32 binary launched by wine is AS FAST as the GNU/Linux native version. May be interesting for win32-only ePSXe plugins. 6
FCE UltraA really neet NES-emulator. 2
FCEUXNES/Famicom emulator. 1
Final Burn Alpha ShuffleMulti Arcade Emulator 2
Fitbit OS 2.0 SimulatorTest applications for the fitbit Ionic or Versa without owning the physical hardware 1
FreeDOThe FreeDO (closed-source) project exists to bring about an emulator or simulator capable of playing content originally made for the now-defunct and no longer commercially available 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, a 32-bit video game console that was licensed to manufacturers and developers, and marketed worldwide in the early to middle 1990s. For more info go there: 2
fx-CG ManagerThe official emulator for the casio fx-cg 10/20 prizm. 1
fx-Manager Plus 2.01
GensSega Genesis/32X/CD Emulator. Very stable, great sound and nice video filters. 2
Gens Plus!One of the best Gens forks out there, with support for XInput , multiple graphic APIs such as DirectDraw, GDI and Direct3D, and some nice filters. 1
Gens rerecordingEmulator for Sega Genesis, 32x, and Sega CD with TAS capabilities. 1
Gens32Sega Genesis/MD/32x/SegaCD Emulator for Windows. 3
Girigiri SaturnEmulator that Sega bought from the girigiri emulator team and used for a pay service. 1
Hand held Quake Game & Watch emulatorHand held quake is a nice and funny Game & Watch emulator 1
HandyAtari Lynx emulator for Windows. 1
Header MagicApplication that allows Lunar Magic to work without headers. 1
HootHoot is a sound hardware emulator compatible with a range of arcade games as well as a large amount of computer games, most of them Japanese. 1
iDeaSiDeaS is a Nintendo Dual Screen emulator. It supports multilanguage, OpenGL and audio and other plugins. 1
Intellivision LivesThis is a commercial emulator for PC and Mac which emulates the Intellivision game console from the early 80's. It also includes plently of extras, including the history of the Intellivision as well as game art, biographies of the programmers, and video clips. 1
IV/PlayIV/Play is a GUI frontend for MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). IV/Play does NOT include MAME; MAME must be downloaded separately (from 1
JNESAn emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System that works really well. This emulator is one of the best emulators for the NES on the Windows platform. 4
Kega FusionFusion an emulator that: 4
lsnesAn SNES/SFC emulator built and recommended by 1
MagicEngineThe best PCEngine TG16 emulator ever made for Windows and MacOS. 2
MAMEMAME's purpose is to preserve these decades of video-game history. As 2
MAME32 Plus! Plus!MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, one of the best emulators around. The most compatible emulator out there, compatible with a vast number of arcade machines form 1975 to 2003. The Plus! Plus! version is a fork with a number of enhancements, such as CPS3 Emulation and Network support through the Kaillera protocol. 1
MameUI 32MameUI [previously 1
MameUI64MAMEUI64 is the x64 GUI version of MAME on the Windows platform. 1
MAMEUIFX32MAMEUIFX32 is an enhanced & tweaked version of the original MAME (Multiple Arcade Emulator). Not only is it tweaked, but also consists of a GUI for ease of use. 1
MAMEUIFX64A full-of-features version of MAME with Graphical User Interface, designed for LCD monitors. 64 bits version. 5
MameXTMulti Arcade Machine Emulator with many options and MAME 0.147 based 1
marmaladeIn one line you can call it a cross-platform smartphone games development engine. 2
MEKAMaster System/Game Gear/Colleco Vision emulator(it emules others pre-Genesis sega systems) 1
MESSMESS (Multiple Emulator Super System) is an emulator for computer systems and game consoles. It strives to be the most accurate emulator for a given system, not the fastest, so it may not perform as well in some areas as other emulators. 3
Microsoft Virtual Server­This is Microsoft's answer to VMware, qemu, Xen, etc. 1
MSX Disk-ManagerDisk-Manager is designed to maintain disk-images for 1
Mupen64++Improved fork of Mupen64. 1
Mupen64-rrMupen64-rr is a fork of Mupen64 that enables people to create tool assisted speed runs of Nintedo 64 games. It also allows users to replay .m64 movies downloaded from the TAS Speed Runs website. 1
Mupen64kThis is a version of mupen64 with Kaillera implemented to enable online play. 1
MZ-800 EmulatorMZ-800 Emulator is an emulator of 8bit MZ-800 series microcomputer. 1
NebulaNEBULA is an emulator for the hardware found in the CAPCOM CPS2 boards. The games that use this hardware include Super Str­eet Fighter, Street Fighter (Alpha, Zero, Alpha 2, etc), games with Marvel characters and Dungeons & Dragons series. 1
NeoRAGExA very good Neo Geo emulator,able to emule almost all neo geo games.The old 2
NEStenNESten is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Windows. It supports most NES mappers and is one of the most complete NES emulators out there. Development was discontinued in 2003. 1
NestopiaA portable and cycle-accurate NES/Famicom emulator written in C++ 5
Net64+allows the playing of Super Mario 64 online . 1
NintendulatorGreat NES emulator, it has high compatibility but requires a computer with more than 1ghz processor. 2
NNNesterJOne of the most complete and accurate emulators for the Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System. Also emulates Famicom Disk System (FDS) games, as well as Playchoice 10. Based on nester, nesterJ, and UOnester. 1
No$gbaOne of the best GBA and NDS emulators out there, it's also the smallest one. Just 115Kbytes and you're ready to play! Does NOT requires DirectX, and it's coded in hand-tuned x86 assembler, so it's heavily optimized to run fast even on older machines. It supports savestates, backup RAM, cable link, and even connection with the real console. Now with *partial* NDS support! It is now one of the best DS emulators around, with an accurate 2D core and a 3D core that's becoming more accurate and fast all the time. 9
NO$ZoomerUsed with No$gba emulator to increase screen size. 1
Nox APP Player4
NullDCNullDC is an open source Sega Dreamcast emulator, developement stopped since 2013. 2
OotakePC Engine (TurboGrafx 16) emulator for Windows. 2
PC Atari EmulatorPC Atari Emulator is one of the most popular Atari 2600 (VCS) emulators for Windows 9x and MS-DOS. Along with Stella, it is known for supporting the largest number of Atari 2600 titles. Newer Windows versions required having DirectX installed. PCAE for Win9x is written in Delphi (Object Pascal) and x86 assembly language. 1
PCemA PC emulator 4
PCSX2A very good emulator for playstation 2. 3
ppssppppsspp is a open source Sony PSP emulator that aims to run mainly on the android platform. There are also releases for other mobile platforms as well as desktop OS's. 3
PRC PASSAn emulator and support software for prentke romich communication devices. 1
Project TempestWelcome 1
Project64Nintendo 64 emulator, one of the best in terms of compatibility. 7
pSXPlayStation One Emulator 1
pSX EmulatorEmulator for the Playstation game console. 100% self-contained, no plugins, only thing you need is a BIOS image and some Playstation CDs. 2
PSXeven v0.19PSXeven is an emulator of the PlayStationvideo game console for x86-based PC hardware. It was written and self coded by author and developer, Xeven. 1
QEMUQemu emulates different Guest-Processors and Guest-Systems on different Hosts. A special Linux-Usermode is available to run Linux processes. 3
Red SquirrelAn Emulator of Arm based Acorn Machines for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP 1
RegenAccuracy-focused Sega system emulator. It is one of the best in this regard and also features excellent debugging tools. It emulates: 1
RockNES XA wonderful NES emulator. 1
SEGA model 2 emulatorSega model2 emulator for windows 4
Snes9xSuper Nintendo emulator 4
SoftMacClassic 68K Macintosh emulator for Windows. Uses .hfx or .dsk files as simulated disks. Requires Mac ROM files that can be obtained from your own Mac or found online, as well as Mac OS (7.5 is available from Apple). 1
SpectaculatorSinclair Spectrum Emulator 2
SpudPopular emulator for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum series of computers. 1
SSFSSF is a Sega Saturn emulator for Windows systems using DirectX 9.0c. The current version claims near-complete implementation of the Sega Saturn hardware (not counting emulation bugs), and can emulate the Saturn based Sega Titan Video arcade hardware too. 9
T98-NextAdvanced NEC PC-98 emulator 2
TGB DualClassic Game Boy emulator that supports classic link feature. Great for the classic pokemon and zelda oracle games. 1
UKNCBTLEmulator of the UKNC Soviet personal computer. 2
UltraHLEUltraHLE is the first Nintendo 64 emulator capable of playing commercial games. Said to be a technical demonstration and proof of concept, 1.0 is the only official public release by the original developers. 1
Universal Machine Emulator (UME)This is esentially a combination of MAME + MESS, which can play not only Arcade games, but can be used for stuff like caluclation emulators, Sega Mega-Drive/Genesis Emulation, and so on. 1
VBALinkA mod of the Windows VBA emulator that allows for multiple VBA emulators to be linked over lan or wifi 1
VICEVICE - The versatile commodore emulator brings old Commodore 64 (and other Commodore computers) programs back into your living room. Play the old games you played many year ago. (Also a native Linux version exists) 2
Virtual CloneDriveThe virtual CD/DVD drive from Slysoft, makers of CloneCD. Mount any CloneCD supported image file in a virtual drive. 2
Virtual TI calculatorThis is an emulator for the well-known TI calcualtors (TI-83,89,92 and so forth). 1
virtualboxEmulator that can run several OS's 2
Visual Boy Advance-MGame Boy/Color/Advance Emulator for Windows. It has all the enhanced features you would expect for a modern emulator, such as graphic filters. It supports Direct3D & OpenGL as Graphic APIs, and DirectSound & XAudio2 as Audio APIs. Almost 100% compatibilty with commercial games, it is the best Game Boy emulator for Windows out there. 3
Visual PinMAMEemulates CPU, Soundboards and Hardware to run native pinball ROMs. needed by Visual Pinball 2
VisualBoyAdvanceThis software emulates several Nintendo Game Boy Consoles: Game Boy (poket), Game Boy Color and (obviously) Game Boy Advance. 2
Vizzed RGR PluginA small plugin that allows people to play retro games on The plugin is free, and the site is legal because members are 'rented' games using in-site Viz, and the games are all physically owned by the owner of the site. 1
Win64Old emulator for Commodore 64-system. 1
winDS PROSpanish emulator pack for windows which includes the latest version of all the emulators and many accessories and versions of them. 1
WinKawaksIs a very good emulator for the olds CPS1, CPS2 and NEOGEO. You need to have the ROMS, of course. 4
WinUAEWinUAE is a fork of the UAE application, a full-featured emulator of the Amiga machines. 9
XebraXebra (or Arbex) is an experimental Playstation emulator developed by the japanese developer Dr. Hell. 1
xeniaThe first real Xbox 360 emulator :), which is also open-source but use several Windows components, like the Windows 8.1 API, and open standards like the OpenGL 4.5 which is gradually replaced by the Vulkan API. 6
XeonEmulator to run Xbox games 1
XM6Emulator for the Sharp X6800, a type of Japanese computer. 1
YabauseYet another broken and unfinished saturn emulator. 1
zeckensack's Glide wrappera utility that emulates glide through opengl 1
Zinc Emulator with Street Fighter EX2 PlusSimple Emulator for 3d fighting Games 1
ZSNESEmulator SNES for Windows. 3

Retrolink Nintendo 64 Classic USB Enabled Wired Controller for PC and MAC, Black. It made Goldeneye unplayable on my N64 emulator. 2.0 out of 5 stars Works, but stick is unusable for precision aiming or any other sensitive task. My Mac did not even recognize this controller as a device.

Nintendo 64 or N64 is one of the best ever gaming consoles created by Nintendo, and is perhaps the first game console with 3D rendering & 64-bit architecture. Games like Super Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda : Orcanine still are considered classics. Though, the console is discontinued you can still play N64 games on your Mac device (MacBook Air, Pro, Mac Mini, iMac etc) by using an emulator. So, here are the Best Nintendo 64 N64 emulators for Mac OS X.

Top 3 Free Nintendo N64 Emulators for Mac OS X –

Note – We are writing about the emulators which let you play N64 Games (n64 ROMs) on your Mac OS X. However, these do not come with any ROMs due to copyright issues, hence you will need to download your game roms (n64 roms) from sites like CoolRom, loverom in-order to play them inside the N64 Emulator.

N64 Emulator for Mac # 1 – OpenEmuQbasic for mac os x.

N64 emulator for pc

Open Emu is perhaps the best Nintendo 64 / N64 emulator for Mac OS X devices, due to some salient features it provides such as –

  • All in One Emulator , Supporting many Retro Gaming consoles such as N64, SNES, GBC, and many more!
  • Gamepad and Joystick Controller Support to play games.
  • Ability to Save game states and load from there.
  • Mupen 64 Core emulation for N64

N64 Emulator for Mac # 2 – SixtyForce

Sixty force is yet another decent Nintendo 64 emulator for Mac OS X. Sixty force supports Nintendo DD (Disk Drive) emulation too but the bad thing about that is it doesn’t support saving game state!. This is absolutely a must incase of game freeze but sadly its not available in the Free version.

However, Sixtyforce supports external gamepad or controllers and the emulation is really fast and good even on Mac OS X Sierra. Python for mac install.

N64 Emulator for Mac # 3 – wx Mupen 64 Plus

wx Mupen 64 Plus is one of the official Front end for Mupen 64 listen on their site. Though, the Front end works lag-free and other emulator based on Mupen 64 – Open Emu also works fine. we faced some issues with wx Mupen 64 – The Screen was too distorted , plus since the fronted doesn’t support keyboard input for games (We were unable to play N64 games on this emulator with Keyboard, games worked fine with USB Controllers / Joystick)

Incase, if the above two emulators do not work for you, then only you can give a try to wx Mupen 64 Plus

Thus, these are currently the Best 3 Free Nintendo 64 or N64 emulators for Mac OSX which will let you relive the old gaming classics . Incase if you face any difficulties or know of other good alternative feel free to comment!