Kbasic For Mac

BASIC for Linux(R), Mac(R) OS X and Windows(R). KBasic is a powerful programming language, which is simply intuitive and easy to learn.

This is one of those 'icing on the cake' questions:

I've got a BASIC programming class next semester. The class uses QBASIC (probably because it came *free* with all the old Windows 95 PCs in the lab). Now, I'd just love to be able to work on my BASIC assignments on my iBook. But, as I understand it, QBASIC went extinct on the Mac back in the days of System 6. So .. options?

Qbasic compiler for mac

-- For $169 bucks, I can get a copy of FutureBASIC from Stat Software, which is reputed to be very QBASIC-like.

-- For $99 I could get a copy of Virtual PC 5 w/DOS, which would presumably also include a copy of QBASIC. If I installed Windows 98, I could probably get a little additional usage out of this, too.

Your keyboard must send midi signals to your midi device on your pc. (look for settings like Pim said)(keyboard midi out -pc midi device midi in)2. Yamaha psr 2000 midi driver for mac. I don't own a psr 2000 or 740 and I don't use cubasis, but if I understand well, you want to play on the psr and play the sound of the sample stored on your pc?If that's the case keep in mind that your samples are sound files in some wave/aif/sf or whatever format, but not midi!So basicly this is what you need;1.

-- Since it's only for one semester, I could just say, 'screw it', and just use my Celly desktop for all my homework. Not as s1iX0rZ, though.

-- I could do something clever that I haven't thought of, but that one of you folks will now suggest. View image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

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