Virtual Audio Cable (vac For Mac


CoreAudio, the Mac OS X audio API: Very similar to JACK in some the sense of being. Virtual Audio Cable, VAC (Windows only): Creates a set of virtual audio.

You are running the music and MusicBeam on the same machine and want to use the audio output (line-out) rather than the microphone/line-in to power MusicBeam.A Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) can be used to plug audio device on the same machine together.


A great VAC OpenSource tool for macOS is SoundFlower. It's free and easy to setup.

Setup SoundFlower

Download the latest release here: comes with a easy to use installer for macOS. Just follow the instructions.

Once installed, jump to your mac's sound preferences. You will find two new audio devices. Both a 2 and 64 channel input and output. Make sure you input is set to the SoundFlower (2ch).

Audio MIDI Setup

Next you need to bundle your output devices using Audio MIDI Setup a util that comes with macOS.

You can bundle you output devices by clicking on the +-button in the lower left corner followed by clicking 'Create Multi-Output Device'.

Now you will have to select the devices you want to combine in the newly created multi-output device.Select the Build-In Output and the SoundFlower (2ch) and make sure you have Build-In Output selected as the master device.

Before you go, make sure to check the output levels for the SoundFlower (2ch) device. Simply uncollapse the new multi-output device and make sure all sliders are at maximum.

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That's it!

Please keep in mind that you won't be able to use your volume keys on your keyboard for a multi-output device. Which shouldn't matter, since you will probably have a separate mixer connected to your Mac.