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System Requirements

  • 512MB RAM
  • 300MB Free Hard disk space
  • 16-bit sound card
  • Local CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • Monitor with 1024x768 pixels and high colour (16 bits per pixel, i.e. 65,536 colours)


  • Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP, or Vista
  • Intel Pentium III 1GHz or faster processor (or equivalent)


  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (Power PC) or Mac OS X 10.4.x or later (Intel)
  • PowerPC G3 500MHz or faster processor or Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz or faster processor Update

OUP has released an update of the SOED on CD-ROM version 3.0, and 3.0.1. This update improves functionality, and adds new features that were unavailable at the time of the CD-ROM release. It also has minor bug fixes identified from the first release, and even has a facelift to give it a better visual feel. This update is a free download, and may be obtained by following the link below.

OUP recommends that all users update their software to SOED v3.0.2.1

To update, please follow this link: Update for SOED v3.0 and 3.0.1

Technical Issues

1. SOED freezes while loading

The SOED has a feature that allows it to look-up words from other programs by utilizing the clipboard. It keeps an eye on the clipboard, and when words are entered there either via double-click or copy and paste, it searches for the word in the dictionary. However, if certain characters (like ' or &) are in the clipboard, or copies from various applications like Mac Firefox include formatting with those characters, then the SOED will freeze on the 'loading' screen when attempting to open the program. There are two ways to fix this problem:

  1. Download the SOED patch
  2. Clear the Clipboard by copying a word from Internet Explorer or Safari, or restarting the computer

2. SOED crashes when using a program with multiple clipboards (e.g. Nisus)

When using clipboard 0- the default clipboard, then the SOED behaves normally, looking up the word from other programs. However, copying from clipboard 0 to another clipboard causes the SOED to crash. Please download the SOED patch

3. Options are not saved when closing SOED on the Mac

After applying the changes in the OPTIONS tab, they are not saved when closing the application. Although the previous update 3.0.1 fixed this for the Windows version, the problem remained in the Mac version. The patch has now addressed this problem. Please download the SOED patch

4. Missing flashing input cursor in the Mac version

This is an intermittent fault where the flashing input cursor does not always appear when the SOED is opened on the Mac. To correct this, please download the
SOED patch

5. Inactive search box after printing in the Mac version

In the Mac version, after printing a definition, the search input box becomes inactive, unable to type in text.
This bug has been reported to the developer.

6. SOED opens minimized and will not restore in Windows

SOED opens in a minimized state on the taskbar. Clicking on it to restore the program has no effect. Usually when the SOED closes, it saves the position and size of the program window to enable it to open in the same place the next time. But instead of saving the fact that it is minimized, it saves the size of the window as zero. Then when the program is next opened, it loads the window as size zero as though the restored size of the program is zero.

To fix this problem try the following steps.

Zeplin is a Mac app that aims to make it easier for designers and developers to work together on projects, sharing resources and ideas while spending as little time as possible in unproductive meetings. The Zeplin application is bundled with a Sketch plugin that enables you to export your artboards with just a couple of mouse clicks. Zeplin works with a plugin in Sketch and Photoshop. When you download the Mac or Windows app, it automatically installs these plugins for you. If you’re a designer, you can export your designs using these plugins through the desktop app. Zeplin for mac. Since day one, Zeplin focuses purely on improving the collaboration between designers and engineers, providing them the most accurate resources out there. Just this November, 5,944,139 designs from Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and Photoshop CC were exported to Zeplin by thousands of product teams. Zeplin is a collaboration app for UI designers and front-end developers. You may want to check out more Mac applications, such as Noise Machine, Freedom or Equilnote, which might be similar to Zeplin. Zeplin allows you to build pixel-perfect apps in peace. Design hand-off has never been easier. Design hand-off has never been easier. Generate style guides and resources automatically.

  1. Right-click on the shortcut for the SOED. Choose PROPERTIES
  2. Under the SHORTCUT tab, look for the bit that says RUN: followed by a selection button that probably says NORMAL WINDOW. Click on this and select MAXIMIZED. Click OK.
  3. Open the SOED using this icon. The SOED should open in a maximized window.
  4. Close the SOED and then go back to the PROPERTIES of the shortcut again (right-click and choose properties). Change the RUN: option to say NORMAL WINDOW and click OK.
  5. Open the SOED again, it should appear as big as the screen but it will not be actually maximized. Click and drag the title bar to move the whole window then use the mouse to drag the corner of the window to make it a sensible size. Close the SOED.
  6. Open the SOED again using the shortcut. It should open in the same position and size as when it was closed.

7. Inactive search box after minimizing and maximizing SOED on Mac version

After minimizing and maximizing the SOED Mac version, the search box becomes inactive and unable to type in text. Closing and reopening the SOED program usually fixes this problem, but it has since been discovered that if the option FLOATS ON TOP OF OTHER WINDOWS is turned off, then the search box remains active even after minimizing and maximizing the SOED. Similarly, if the search box has become inactive, it is possible at this point to disable the FLOATS ON TOP OF OTHER WINDOWS option and this will have the effect of resetting the search box and enable text to be entered again.

8. Uncaught exception error after installing Flash Player v 10.1.53

There is a known problem with the Mac version of SOED and the latest version of Flash Player. After installing the Flash Player, the SOED produces an error when trying to open it. This problem has been fixed with the SOEDUpdatev3.0.2.2 patch. This download includes the SOEDv3.0.2.1 update as this needs to be installed before the patch is installed.

9. Print Results button

The Print Results button is a feature that was added after initial publication of the SOED6, in the v3.0.1 update, and so is not documented in the user Manual or Help Text files. This option allows the user to print the results list from an Advanced Search. To use the function, perform your Advanced Search and then click the Print Results button on the top frame to have the list of results printed out.

10. Using Windows 7 or MacOS Lion 10.7

Although the SOED was developed before the release of Windows 7 and MacOS 10.7, tests have shown that the SOED installs and functions correctly. The only thing worth noting is that sometimes on Windows 7 64 bit, a message may appear after installation saying 'This program might not have installed correctly..' Simply click cancel and attempt to open the sofware as normal.

11. Recommended Flash Player settings

The SOED has been created using Flash, it uses the Flash Player Control Panel to manage the settings such as Font size, Background colour, and Bookmarks etc. In order for the SOED to function correctly, it is recommended that the Flash Player settings for Local Storage be set to ALLOW.

Windows Instructions

  2. In the STORAGE tab, click on the LOCAL STORAGE SETTINGS BY SITE.. button
  3. Select LOCAL from the list. Click on the dropdown button to choose ALLOW. Then click CLOSE

MacOS Instructions

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. In the OTHER section, open FLASH PLAYER
  3. In the STORAGE tab, click on the LOCAL STORAGE SETTINGS BY SITE.. button
  4. Select LOCAL from the list. Click on the dropdown button to choose ALLOW. Then click CLOSE

12. SOED version 3.0.2.x gets stuck on Loading Please Wait.. screen

The problem is related to the settings for Flash Player that is also installed on the machine. The later versions of Flash Player have a Control panel to allow settings to be changed so you can decide which websites can save information to the computer. The SOED needs to have access to store its settings to the computer for it to work properly, otherwise it gets stuck at the LOADING PLEASE WAIT.. screen. To solve this problem, please use the Recommended Flash Player settings above.

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