Os X El Cappitan Virtual Machine Vmware Player

Steps to Install Mac OS X El Capitan on VMware on PC. Before going to start creating a new Virtual machine for Mac OS X El Capitan you need to install unlocker for VMware. Unlocker is a light software that simply builds to appears macOS operating system on VMware Workstation.

To accomplish this tutorial you already need a previous copy of OSX installed on VMWare Player or Workstation.

0) Acquire a copy of OSX 10.11 El Capitan

First of all you need to acquire a legal copy of OSX El Capitan from the App Store. This tutorial will not cover this part. Sorry :)

1) Unlock OSX option on VMWare

Download the latest version of VMWare Unlocker and use the relative binary to unlock it ( based on your Host OS ). Pro fit gym.

2) Create a 8GB Virtual vmdk Disk

This will help us to create the Installation Media for a fresh new install of OSX El Capitan. Remember to attach it as SATA on your current OSX Virtual Machine where you acquired your OSX El Capitan copy.

3) Initialize the 8GB vmdk as HFS+ journaled

Assign the label InstallMedia, we will use this later :)

4) Create the installation media

Open app the Terminal.app and run this command:

and wait for it then to be finished. Meanwhile you can drink a Coffee or a Tea if you prefer :)

5) Create a OSX Virtual Machine container

Upon creation use the OSX 10.11 option. Everything else can be as it's suggested by default. Attach then the InstallMedia vmdk we created before as SATA.

6) Boot and enjoy

Os X El Cappitan Virtual Machine Vmware Player

Now it's just as a normal installation on a Mac. You know what to do :)

PROTIP: Remember to not format or install OSX over your installation media. You'll see it as normal Hard Disk, so don't be confused!

7) Install the VMWare Tools

Remember to do it so you can get more Video Memory, better performances and the clipboard integration.