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Product Overview

This is a first class product for the rhinestone designs creation & editing. It contains all the necessary tools to digitize designs with rhinestone, rhinestuds & nailheads. Starting from raster graphics, vector files, or just creating designs on the fly. Among other digitizing tools, this program includes an advanced lettering system with pre-digitized fonts and it is also compatible with true type fonts. It has an amazing User Interface similar to the new Microsoft Office style with application button and context ribbon bars. The design process is very fast and easy, simulation using the realistic components from our huge library is great, and designs can be edited and personalized at any moment.

Designs can be exported to different motif machines. Please check the compatibility list before purchasing this product (if your machine is not in that list, we will try to develop the required driver).

This amazing system is a stone (rhinestone, rhinestud, nailhead) specific software for the design creation, with output to different laser and vinyl cutters in order to produce design stencils or templates. Starting from any artwork captured by scanner, from third parties applications or from artwork files; this program is the fastest tool to convert those images into stone designs. It includes several input methods and fill styles, and it also offers a complete lettering system. While your work is in process, an incredible design simulation displays a realistic sample of your designs. Digitizing takes only a few minutes and result is amazing! When the design is ready, it is only necessary to export it to the corresponding file format or output device.

5.6.0 (For ePO cloud) (GA), Windows, Mac, Linux,, -, -, December 8, 2018. 5.5.3 Hotfix 1247836 (RTS) (HF1247836), Windows, -, The 2020.1.1 Hotfix fixes compatibility issues with macOS 10.15 Catalina. It also improves overall stability of the product. This update can be installed on all AutoCAD LT for Mac 2020 official releases and is recommended for all users.

Designs can be exported to different cutting equipment. Please check the compatibility list before purchasing this product (if your cutting equipment is not in that list, we will try to develop the required driver).


This application is provided as-is. It is by no means complete, though most of the features implemented are known to work reasonably well.

Current version

foobar2000 for Mac, v2.1.58

System requirements

Version 2.1.58 highlights

Fixed bad handling of MP4/M4A files with QuickTime chapters.

Version 2.1.57 highlights

Fixed various playback position & seekbar bugs.
Fixed Add Location dialog bugs.
Fixed upmix DSP bugs.
Fixed playlist manipulation bugs.

Version 2.1.55 highlights

Changed code signing settings to correct some of supported game music formats using JIT compilation not working since 2.1.54.

Version 2.1.54 highlights

Introduced code signing; runs on Mac OS Catalina without having to approve it thru System Preferences.
Fixed a number of bugs on OSX Mavericks.

Version 2.1.50 highlights

Fixed seekbar regression from the previous release.

Version 2.1.49 highlights

More graceful behavior of sliders in DSP and ReplayGain settings.
Cuesheet handling regressions fixed.
Fixed ReplayGain track/album mode by playback order.

Version 2.1.48 highlights

Fixed playback status not being restored after app restart.

Galaxy s3 mtp driver for mac

Version 2.1.47 highlights

Playlist manipulation bug fixes.
Fixed tracks not being correctly added to playlist in some scenarios.

Version 2.1.46 highlights

Various playlist behavior fixes. Column sizes and playlist scroll positions are now remembered.
Added upmix DSPs.
Updated UPnP playback features, in sync with UPnP MediaRenderer output component v1.3.2 on Windows.

Version 2.1.43 highlights

Updated UPnP playback features, in sync with UPnP MediaRenderer output component v1.3.1 on Windows.

Version 2.1.42 highlights

Updated UPnP playback features, in sync with UPnP MediaRenderer output component v1.3 on Windows.

Version 2.1.40 highlights

Fixed a bug resulting in crashes when adding large amounts of tracks to a playlist.
Updated UPnP playback features, in sync with the component for Windows foobar2000.

Version 2.1.37 highlights

WMA handling bug fixes
UPnP bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.1.36 highlights

Bug fixes

Version 2.1.35 highlights

Volume control in playback controls
Output device picker and configuration
UPnP MediaRenderer output capability

Version 2.1.32 highlights

Longpressing pause button now stops playback
Bug fixes

Version 2.1.27 highlights

Playback controls pane (buttons, seekbar, playback order) at the bottom instead of toolbar
Now possible to toggle repeat/shuffle modes
Now-playing info and controls now accessible via Mac OS notifications

Version 2.1.21 highlights

Improved dark mode compatibility
Corrected Vorbis decoding crash

Version 2.1.20 highlights

Now compatible with dark mode

Version 2.1.18 highlights

User interface rework in progress.
ReplayGain and DSP settings now accessible.
Playlists can now be manipulated through a siderbar.
Now compatible with OSX Mavericks and newer.
Fixed bugs in verify integrity tool.

Version 2.1.14 highlights

More FTP client fixes, experimental support for encrypted FTP (ftpes://).
Fixed a crash when reading certain zip archives.
Fixed incorrect reading of certain APE tags.

Version 2.1.13 highlights

FTP client fixes.
Properties dialog bug fix, adding custom fields now works correctly.

Version 2.1.10 highlights

Fixed toast messages not working in some cases, playback errors in particular.
Better feedback when attempting to play a DRM protected WMA file.
M3U playlist handling fixes.


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