Excel For Mac Add Ins Greyed Out

This page will guide you through installing an Excel add-in file for Excel 2011 for Mac. Installation instructions for the Windows versions of Excel can be found here.

What Is An Excel Add-in?

An add-in file is an Excel file that contains macros (code) and has the extension “.xla” or “.xlam”. When opened, the worksheets in the file are hidden and the macros are typically accessed through buttons that are added to the toolbar or command menu. Once installed, an add-in will automatically open every time Excel is opened.

Installation Guide

External data in Excel 2016 for Mac. We examined how we could improve external data for Excel 2016 for Mac and made the following changes: Excel 2016 for Mac comes with a pre-installed and integrated SQL Server ODBC driver, which we worked hand-in-hand with Simba Technologies to provide. To get new add-ins, select Store. To use add-ins you already have, select My Add-ins. The add-ins you'll see will depend on the app you're using and the kind of Office 365 subscription you have. Office for Mac doesn't currently support organization-based add-ins.

Installing the add-in is pretty easy, and should only take a few minutes. 1. Save the add-in file to your computer.

  • Pick any folder on your hard drive that is easy for you to find.
  • My suggestion is to create a folder named “Excel Campus” and place it in your Documents folder.

2. Open the Add-ins Menu in Excel.

  • Select the Tools menu in menu bar.
  • Select the Add-Ins… option.

3. Press the Select… button in the Add-Ins window.

4. Find the add-in file that you saved on your computer in Step 1.

  • Then press the Open button.

5. The add-in file should now appear in the list of available add-ins in the Add-Ins window.

  • The checkbox should automatically be checked.
  • Press the OK button.

Best adobe acrobat x pro for mac. 6. Installation Complete – The add-in is now installed and should automatically open every time to you open excel.

How to Uninstall an Add-in

To uninstall the add-in:

  1. Open the Add-ins menu again.
  2. Uncheck the box next to the add-in you want to uninstall.
  3. Press OK.

The add-in file will be closed, and it will not re-open next time you open Excel.

If you want to permanently remove the add-in name from the list: Packard bell bios update.

  1. Delete the add-in file from your computer or move it to a new folder.
  2. Open the Add-in Menu.
  3. You will be prompted to delete the Add-in file that cannot be found.
  4. Press Yes.
  5. The add-in will be removed from the Add-ins list.
  6. Press OK.

What's Next?

Checkout the Tab Hound and Tab Control add-ins for Mac. These two tools will save you a ton of time with your everyday worksheet tasks.

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A very strange thing has happened to my Excel 2003 - the Freeze Panes menu command is now always greyed out - see the attached screenshot. I haven't seen such a thing ever before and I do not know how it happened..
Can anyone please suggest how I can bring the Freeze Panes command back alive?
Just to make the situation clear :
1) The command is now ALWAYS disabled, on any spreadsheet, even the newly created blank ones
2) I'm in the Normal view, not the Page Break View.
3) I'm running Excel 2003 under Windows XP
4) I've tried unloading all the add-ins, inlcuding COM add-ins - the problem persists. I've even tried clicking 'Repair' on Microsoft Office in 'Add Remove Programs' in the conrol panel, and then restarting the PC - No effect.
I hope that anyone has seen this before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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