Warz Download For Mac

A “semi-deadly” virus has taken over the world! It is turning people and animals into zombies. They are practically dead but still alive enough to make lives difficult for others. Zombie War Z is an epic RPG that offers dynamic controls and fighting systems. It is fight not only between humans and the undead but among humans themselves too!



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Zombie War Z is a mixture of tower defense and PvP battles. Lets take a look at the background first to have better understanding.

A virus outbreak is turning humans into zombies left, right and center. Therefore, it has become imperative that the ones who are still fully alive, protect themselves. Therefore, both pros and amateurs have teams up to form the most formidable alliance. It is a like a resistance among zombies.

The basic objective of Zombie War Z is to take out zombies as well as building a safe haven for your people. This should be totally impenetrable. Keep upgrading it until zombies cannot find any way in.

The guild system in Zombie War Z allows players to form alliances. This in turn forms large armies. These armies can then fight each other and the winner gets rewards.

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Features and Game modes

The story mode is about 200 levels long. It takes players through the entire timeline of how it all happened and where humanity is headed. Due to large area getting occupied and ruined by zombies, there is lack of resources everywhere. Therefore, apart from fighting zombies, collecting resources is another major objective of Zombie War Z.

The PvP battles online are part of resource collection. Of course everyone wants to survive and have the best. Therefore, humans fight themselves to keep the resources for themselves. This is done in mostly guild system. Moreover, take over more area by defeating both zombies and other alliances.

Players can collect several types of heroes, elite soldiers and even some monstrous zombies. These become a part of the army and help take down enemies everywhere. The total sum of collectibles is a bit over 70.

The raids and PvP battles are all online and in real-time. Therefore, make sure that you have got what it takes to get them. Because it is a lot more difficult to take down humans compared to CPU bots.


The gameplay camera is from 2D side. You can see a lot of action going on and damage dealt in numbers. The overall graphics are animated kind. This is more of anime kind even. However, the game looks fantastic and you should try it out!

In case your phone is not supporting Zombie War Z, then learn how to play Zombie War Z for PC. The method mentioned below works for Windows and Mac computers both.

How to install Zombie War Z for PC Win/Mac

In order to download and play Zombie War Z for PC, make sure to get and Android emulator first. The most capable and lightweight emulators are listed HERE. Go check this list out and select the one that suits you the most.

Next up, choose whether to install Zombie War Z PC via APK or Play Store. To install Zombie War Z for PC using APK, just download it from a third party source. Otherwise, login with Google account, open Play Store, search for “Zombie War Z” and click on Install next to its icon.

Well that’s how you get to play Zombie War Z for PC on laptops and computers. Feel free to leave comments about your experience in the section below.