Zte Mf 186 Driver For Mac

Jul 06, 2013  ZTE MF633 USB Modem connects your laptop or personal computer to a high-speed wireless connection; ideal for you whenever you work on the move, or in areas that are not covered by fixed Internet lines. Even better, it uses the USB port: the easiest way to connect a device! Nov 06, 2015  Download Driver Modem ZTE MF60 Mobile Hotspot from this link Driver Modem ZTE MF60 Mobile Hotspot Link Download Drivers Modem ZTE MF60 Mobile Hotspot is a 3.5G mobile hotspot device, working in GSM / GPRS / EDGE / WCDMA / HSPA+ network.

  1. Download the following files
    Windows MF60 drivers (3.83 MB)
    MF60 Firmware installer (17.1 MB)
    MF60 Installer patch (3 KB)

  2. Install the windows MF60 drivers
  3. Plug in the device and it should pick up new drivers and install them.
    note: This didn't work out too well for me to begin with, so I also installed dc-unlocker which once it detected the modem it installed the drivers correctly.
    You don't need to buy any credit for it. you just need to open the app, select ZTE modem and click the scan button.if it doesn't detect the device, reboot and try again. if it detects the device it will give you a brief summary of it, and you can just close the app because the device drivers have been installed correctly .
  4. Remove the sim card and plug back into computer
  5. Run the MF60 Firmware installer, do not close!
    note: if you try to press the update button now, you will get the error 'The version is not matching! Please check the software version!'
  6. While the installer is still open, run and apply my version checker & unlock patch.
  7. Press the update button on the installer and wait patiently :)
  8. Highly recommended if you unlocked the device:
    Find the file 'Channel1.nvm' which was created by the installer (it's in the directory the installer was run) and MAKE A COPY OF IT! You will need it to restore your IMEI and WiFi MAC address with

Once the firmware is installed the device now has a NEW default SSID and password which is NOT the same as what is written down on the telstra card that comes with the box. Don't worry, let the device boot completely. now just press the WPS button on the side of the device twice quickly, it will show you the device SSID and password on the led display! (I don't remember that feature in the telstra firmware)

if you selected to Unlock the device in the patch, your SSID will be uFi_999999 and password is :12345678 is still the default web interface address
password: admin

note: for some reason firefox can't apply settings the in new web interface, it displays them fine, but won't apply them. You can use chrome or internet explorer to set my wifi name and other settings. once they're set, you're good to go.

Good luck!

any questions email me at hexecute@gmail.com

Thanks for the project and thanks all forum members for suggestions. Mpd client ios.

any feedback, comment below

Zte Mf 186 Driver For Mac

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