What Is The Best Producing Music Software For Mac

Apr 06, 2017  PreSonus Studio One 3 is a music software that is easy to learn and setup. It's one of the best choices for someone who wants to spend quality time producing amazing music. From setting up, recording, dialing in sounds, sonic experimentation to mixing, this software has it all.

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1. MAGIX Music Maker (Windows Only)2. FL Studio (Windows & Mac)3. Ableton Live 10 (Windows & Mac)4. Logic Pro X (Mac Only)5. Muse Score (Windows & Mac)Wrapping Up

If you believe that one can only make instrumental beats from an underground New York City recording studio, you’re wrong. The fact is, you can create rocking music like dubstep, wicked rap and what not sitting at home shuffling with music mixing Apps on your Windows or Mac computer. You can actually make your room a studio and tweak music with audio mixer and beatmaker.

If you want to produce your own beats or DJing is your passion, you’ll need the right tools to bring your thoughts into reality. By tools, we mean right digital audio workstation (DAW), a beat making software with lots of options to raise from just a beginner to a high-level producer.

You just need to get the right hang of your DAW. Cyberduck for mac sierra. Once you do that, mastering synthesis, and drumming with a polished and a professional sound won’t be a challenge. We have got this roundup with the best beat making software for Windows and Mac with which you can make high-quality tracks and can produce music on any device. So just go through them and pick the best one for you to start your journey as a music superstar.

Best Music Production Software 2019

1. MAGIX Music Maker (Windows Only)

MAGIX Music Maker is mainly designed to cater to Windows-based users. This is one of the best music beat making software with a lot of popularity among Windows users. Addition of optimized features made this music making software more popular among the users. Its free version used by professional music beat creators got it onto the limelight. You can rely on all its adjustable features like noise extortion, bass enhancer, volume, etc. it’s a vintage beat making software This DAW is available in 4 editions and you get access to more sounds, loops, and instruments as you go higher. The free version offers you 425 sounds in comparison to the Plus edition which is their least expensive edition featuring 5,000 sounds. Options increases to 6000 and 8000 if you opt for Live edition and Premium edition respectively. The only drawback we can foresee here is that it is designed exclusively for Windows users.


  • Affordable to premium range of options
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee
  • Huge online database of tutorials
  • Vast loop library of up to 8000 sounds


  • Compatible with Windows only
  • Drum plugin could be better

2. FL Studio (Windows & Mac)

FL Studio was earlier known as Fruity Loops, but people were confusing it with a popular breakfast cereal so the name was changed to FL Studio. This is one of the best-optimized Beat Making Software that is suitable for novices and professionals. It has an easy and user-friendly console with numerous useful plugins including synths and samplers. You can directly transfer audio from the synthesizer to your editor. FL Studio’s roll piano is again one of its most used features. FL Studio is compatible with all the VST Standards for extra plugins. It includes various tools to for data editing and makes sequencing extremely easy.

It’s a quick access tool to start making beats and the same was revealed by Martin Garrix, the best EDM DJ. The free version comes with a limitation that you won’t be able to reopen your saved projects. Purchasing signature or premium version allows you all the access to future updates for free. It’s much cheaper than earlier and has all the tools one can look for including instruments, loops, and effects. Face swap software for mac free. FL Studio has one of the largest user-base and all your concerns will be answered on some or other forums.


  • It has a well-organized user interface as a beat maker
  • You get lifetime free updates for being signature and producer subscribers
  • Compatible with MIDI keyboard controllers for music production
  • Offers adequate online resources for finding a solution to almost anything
  • Great customer support for how to and other issues


  • Only suitable for music production and audio mixing

3. Ableton Live 10 (Windows & Mac)

Ableton Live 10 is one of the best beat making software of 2019. Ableton’s family has a standard edition for beginners and suit version for professional DJs or Producers. The standard edition is not as bloated, and pricy as the Suite version and not slim on features as per the Introductory version. It has everything you’ll need, from unlimited audio MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) tracks to 12 – 256 sends and returns mixable virtual tracks. It is loaded with more than 10GB of sounds built into its library, with above 1,800 different samples and loops. It also features 34 baked-in audio effects (eight dedicated to MIDI) to help you with post-production. Ableton Live 10 is DJ’s all-time favorite and most likely music making software.

In addition to the already rich library of Ableton, features like stock sounds, instruments, clips, samples and effects like Echo, Drum Buss, and Pedal are added on a regular basis. You can try out their 30-day free trial before upgrading to any of their three editions.


  • Loaded with great stock sounds and multiple features
  • Best for live performances
  • Future-oriented design with a user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with all VST Standards for extra plugins
  • A lively community of users for finding unlimited solutions for everything
  • 30-day free trial and purchase support


  • Easy and steep running curves for novice

4. Logic Pro X (Mac Only)

Logic Pro X is one of the best beat making software for recording, producing and editing audio for Mac users. It might be expensive compared to some of the production programs, however, its features are similar to some of the other music making software that costs as much as thrice the cost of Logic Pro X. The virtual instrument library is one of the best available collection for live performances as well as studio recordings.

Logic’s virtual drum plug-in is based on an AI algorithm to accustom a virtual drummer as per the style of music you produce. Instead of starting a song with a drumbeat, with Logic drummer track plug-in you can record a melody first. This is the best drum plug-in as a virtual drummer will play automatically with what you’ve recorded, adjusting with the feel and rhythm to fit your melody.

Logic’s workspace window is nicely arranged with the transport controls at the top of the window. It allows you to create up to 255 audio and MIDI tracks which gives you an ample amount of space to continually add new ideas to any song. Its flexible mix window allows you to add up to 15 insert effects and 8 sends per channel.


  • Greatest virtual instrument selection from a pool of instrument library
  • Intuitive interface with the best drum plug-in for a virtual drummer
  • Huge collection of royalty-free loops and samples for beatmaker & audio mixers


  • Only Available for Mac
  • Bit expensive than other beatmaker and audio mixer we compared

5. Muse Score (Windows & Mac)

The last one on our roundup of best beat making software of 2019 is Muse Score. Its magnificent features attracted millions of users around the world to try hands for music making. The music production software console of this beatmaker has a wonderful user-interface which is very attractive and easy to use. It also offers you a basic beginner featured mode which you can use to easily start making your own beats. This music production software is compatible with both Windows and Mac platform. You can easily record, edit music in parts within the recording and then download them in desired file formats like Wav, OGG, etc.


  • Professional music mixer software
  • Completely Free, No limitations or hidden charges
  • Easy to use console, yet a powerful beatmaker
  • Open source available for tutorials, forums, and handbooks
  • Input via MIDI keyboard and other instruments
  • Transfer to and from other programs via MIDI, MusicXML and many more


  • A limited collection of loops and samples for beatmaker

Wrapping Up

We have hired a profession DJ to test and review on numerous beat making software and he concluded these as the best of the rest software as beatmaker and audio mixer for beginners and professional. These music production software packages will surely help you to create quality music beats. You can record music beats and start sharing best of your musical creations on social media platforms and start your singing career with flying colors with the help of these amazing music production software packages. Do let us know which one worked for you or if you want to value add this article with your inputs, please share in comments.

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By now, you probably know what a powerful creative tool your Mac is. It’s definitely hard to beat when it comes to retouching photos, editing videos, and — naturally — making music.

There are, in fact, so many music making apps for Mac that it’s hard to decide which one to get and what’s the difference between them, especially if you’re just starting out. But don’t worry — below is the ultimate guide to help you pick the best music production software currently on the market.

The Best Free Music Software For Mac

It’s important to note that no single music creation software is best for everyone. Needs, experience levels, and preferences tent do differ a lot, so the final choice should be different as well. Having said that, there are a few options that have been winning in their respective categories over the years again and again. Here they are.

GarageBand: The easiest way to start

You don’t have to go far for an introductory experience to music making programs — the GarageBand app is already pre-installed on your system.

GarageBand for Mac is a versatile free music making software for beginners. You can use its tutorials to make your first steps into playing an instrument, record your own music (including your voice), add special effects, and produce complete tracks to upload to SoundCloud or beyond.

If you don’t have GarageBand in your Applications folder yet, download it from the App Store for free. When you open the app, it’ll prompt you to get all the available sounds and effects. In the latest GarageBand version for macOS Catalina, Apple has included a fantastic virtual drummer that you can customize to fit your patterns exactly, whether you’re playing rock or hip-hop. The layout of all the GarageBand options is quite intuitive, so you can definitely study the app on your own, learning more as you go.

Some downsides to the GarageBand app are essentially reasons why pros don’t use it: at some point you max out its capabilities and need features like advanced crossfades, for example. When you feel that instead of the music making software serving you, you start serving the music making software — it’s probably time to upgrade.

Ableton Live 10: The best music making software ever

At the other end of the music software spectrum is the industry-standard Ableton Live. First released in 2001, Ableton has been honing its music making software for nearly two decades. It’s not only able to record, arrange, mix, and master your music but also be used at live shows to play that music back, right from the same interface.

Bad news: it’s very difficult to learn Ableton on your own if you don’t have any background in music making. Luckily, there’s a large international community of users, so you’ll likely be able to find either a local or online group in your language, which could become instrumental to getting over various hurdles.

Even more bad news: Ableton is not a free music production software at all. While Ableton Live 9 used to have a Lite version that could be downloaded free, Ableton Live 10 starts with an Intro edition at $99 (then Standard at $449, then Suite at $749). The more expensive the version the more effects, instruments, and sounds it contains.

n-Track Studio: A top recording software for Mac

If the gap between GarageBand and Ableton Live is so wide, naturally there would be some music making apps that would try to fill it up. Enter n-Track Studio.

n-Track Studio is a music making software free of Ableton’s complexities but with nearly all of its power. You can record songs from live instruments or create complex EDM tracks using virtual tools as well, with the help of a massive library of sound effects. What’s more, n-Track Studio features a free MIDI software built right in and doesn’t require a too powerful of a processor on your machine, since its audio engine is optimized for minimum latency, even when dozens of tracks are played at once.

Starting with n-Track Studio is very easy:

  1. Click the circled plus icon to create a new track, either blank or armed for recording

  2. Right-click on the new track and choose “Add blank MIDI track”

  3. Select your instrument

  4. Play any progression you like, either using your trackpad or a connected controller

  5. Repeat as many times as needed and enhance with other effects

Overall, exploring n-Track Studio is pure pleasure: more freedom than the standard GarageBand without the difficulty and cost of Ableton. Perfect choice!

Make all music sound better with Boom 3D

While selecting the best free music making software is important, it’s equally important to ensure that whatever tunes you create are going to be played appropriately. As most Macs are simply too quiet for all the intricacies of the music software, you need Boom 3D to make it all work.

Boom 3D is a system-wide volume booster and equalizer for your Mac. First, it features a variety of presets to make every genre sound as good as possible, by setting the right midtones, bass levels, and high-pitched notes. Second, it lets you surpass the default volume limit on your Mac to really get the maximum out of your speakers.


Finally, Boom 3D also acts as a nifty little music player that features over 20,000 radio stations from around the world and plays back tracks set in your specific preferences.

So, again, while choosing the best music production software comes down to your level of experience and needs, if you go for a mid-market product like n-Track Studio, you definitely won’t be bored for a long time. Just don’t forget to couple it with Boom 3D for an absolute killer of a sound.

Best of all, n-Track Studio and Boom 3D are available to you absolutely free for seven days during the trial of Setapp, a platform with over 160 apps for your creative self, from music making programs to film editing and drawing. Try Setapp today and unleash you creator spirit. It’s free, so why not at least try?