Mac Pro Under Desk Mount Jmr Electronics Probracket Desk

What happens when you cross a Mac Pro with a RAID and a breakout box? The answer? The new Lightning Quad Tower from JMR

Apr 07, 2014  LAS VEGAS, April 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - JMR Electronics, Inc. A leading provider of scalable storage solutions, will debut its ProBracket™ family of mounting hardware for Apple® Mac Pro. JMR's patent pending ProBracket is a new line of mounting products for Apple's newly released Mac Pro computer system. The American made mounting brackets allow the Mac Pro to be securely installed under a desk, aside a desk pedestal, to a wall, or into a rack cabinet.

We have featured JMR products here before including their mounting brackets for the Mac Pro. They have gone one step further and developed a new case that takes a Mac Pro, a RAID and a break out box. If you've missed your old silver Mac Pro under the desk, this might be the accessory for you.

At NAB in April on booth #SL12117, JMR will be showing the Lightning Quad Tower. No mention of price at the moment, but JMR has released a short description and photographs.

'Our new Lightning Quad Tower turns a Mac Pro into a very powerful desktop product with flexible expansion capabilities. It features four full-sized PCIe expansion slots, built-in RAID controller, eight hot-swappable disk drives in a RAID (up to 9.6TB native capacity) while supporting the installation of a Mac Pro computer.

Splunk forwarder for mac

After sliding in the Mac Pro, internal connections bring out the USB, Ethernet and audio ports, as well as the power on/off switch to the front and Thunderbolt 2 connections made internally, with expansion ports on the rear panel. The product is available as a desktop/deskside tower or a 19” rack mount, using an optional conversion kit.'

It might not be the prettiest thing around, but it will definitely cut down on the cable clutter that we tend to find when having everything plugged into a Mac Pro.

JMR has also announced a range of Lightning products that seem to be Thunderbolt connected RAIDs and PCIe expansion boxes. We will hopefully bring you more news on those from NAB.