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a PCCARD CABLE under Win98, Win ME and Win 2000
1 How to use the tool DriverChoice for driver debugging
1.1 Installation routine
1.2 Criteria for choosing the convenient driver
1.2.1 HighSpeed Driver
1.2.2 Compatibility Driver
1.2.3 Windows Standard Driver
2. How to trace and exempt an IRQ
2.1 Tracing occupied IRQs
2.1.1 Tracing occupied IRQs in Win98/ME
2.2 Exemption of used IRQs
2.2.1 Exemption under Windows 98/ME
b Safe writing with maximum speed
1.1 Activation of DMA (Direct Memory Access) under Windows 98/ME
1.2 Activation of DMA (Direct Memory Access) under Windows 2000
a PCCARD CABLE under Win98, Win ME and Win 2000
The system resources are divided between all installed components, within the supported operating systems. A maximum of 16 interrupts (IRQ 0-15) can be addressed, thus problems may arise when new components are installed. In order to properly install your device in this case, use the DriverChoice program located on the installation diskette. Please read the manual carefully in order to avoid any mistakes.
1 How to use the tool DriverChoice for driver debugging
DriverChoice allows you to install a variety of device drivers with different architecture. When you choose one of the given device drivers on the diskette, it will be activated that the chosen device driver can be installed as described in the manual. Please proceed as described below.
1.1 Installation routine
1. Make a copy of your installation disk.
2. Please deactivate the write protection of the disk.
3. Deactivate your PC Card (Cable PCMCIA) if it still is in your PCMCIA slot. Remember first to click on the PC Card symbol in the status bar and to remove the PC Card only after you have clicked on 'remove'
4. Start the program 'DriverChoice' on the driver disk.
5. Read the disclaimer carefully before you proceed.
6. Choose one of the proposed drivers according to the criteria described below in chapter 1.2. Then click on the 'Start'-button.
7. If you get a message that the update is complete but you are not asked if you would like to erase any of the old files, please continue with step 12.
8. If you get a message that the update of the drivers is complete together with a message asking you to allow the deletion of old files, please click the 'Yes' button.
9. Check the device driver you want to delete in the dialog box the click on 'Next'.
10. In a window all the old files that are going to be deleted are displayed. Click on 'Next'.
11. Click 'Finish' to reboot your system.
12. Now you can install your device again. Please take care that the driver installation is performed from your floppy disk drive with the modified disk.
1.2 Criteria for choosing the convenient driver
To get an overview of the different drivers please check the following table.
H = HighSpeed
C = Compatibility
W = Win Standard
Win 98/ME Win 2000
Problems that make a driver change necessary
No IRQ free for the device x x
Device reading error x x
No drive recognition x x
Malfunction of the upper drivers (IRQ necessary) x x
1.2.1 HighSpeed Driver
This driver allows the highest transfer speed. It requires a free IRQ. Please read chapter 2 for system requirements for use of HighSpeed Driver (recommended for experienced users only). If you meet one of the following errors while running your drive with this default driver please use the compatibility driver:
- Reading errors of the device
- Errors on device recognition (due to a occupied IRQ)
1.2.2 Compatibility Driver
This driver differs from the High Speed Driver mainly by the fact that it does not occupy an IRQ. Choose this driver if any of the above defined errors occur with the HighSpeed Driver.
If errors still occur with this driver while running your device please use the Windows Standard Driver.