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Note: For information on how to take a picture of thescreen in Mac OS X, see ARCHIVED: In Mac OS X, how can I capture the contents of a window or the screen?

You can take a picture of the entire screen under Mac OS bypressing Cmd-Shift-3. (Hold down theCmd and Shift keys and press3.) This function is built into all versionsof Mac OS. An image of your current screen will be saved as a PICTfile (the basic Mac OS graphics file format) on the top level of yoursystem disk. Depending on which version of Mac OS you have, this filewill be named Picture N or Screen N, whereN is a number. You can then view, edit, and print thisfile with any of the many programs designed to work with PICT files. Clc genomics workbench crack mac.

The basic screen capturing function has some limitations. You cannot take a picture of only a portion of the screen, the mouse pointer is always included in the image, and you can't capture the screen while a menu is pulled down. In System 6, it only works with black-and-white, 9-inch monitors.

Mac OS 7.6 and later incorporate a more advanced screen capture function. Cmd-Shift-3 works the same as in earlier versions, but in addition, Cmd-Shift-4 allows you to capture rectangular sections of your screen. To do this:

  1. Press Cmd-Shift-4.
  2. Move your mouse to the upper-left corner of the area you want tocapture. Hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse to thelower-right corner of the area you want to capture.
  3. Release the mouse button. This will save the area as a PICTimage. If you want to cancel, press the Spacebar.

If you press Cmd-Shift-4 with the CapsLock key down and then click a window, a PICT image of thatwindow will be saved. For any of the key combinations described,you may also hold the Ctrl key down. This will savethe capture to the Clipboard instead of to a PICT file.

If the built-in screen capture utility does not suit your needs, other programs are available with additional features. Availableshareware and freeware screen capture utilitiesfor Mac OS computers include:

  • Captura: Captura is a freeware application thatcan take pictures of part or all of the screen. Unlike many otherscreen capture utilities, it isn't a control panel or extension, so itis less likely to cause system instabilities. It is available from the HernanSoft web site.
  • Flash-It: A shareware control panel by Nobu Toge,Flash-It will capture the screen, menus, or windows, scale them, andsave them to the Clipboard, the Scrapbook, or a PICT file, or sendthem to the printer.
  • PICTify: A freeware control panel by ScottJohnson, PICTify allows you to capture windows, menus, or user-definedareas, saving them either to a PICT file or the Clipboard.
  • Snapz Pro: Shareware by Ambrosia Software, Snapz isa flexible screen capture control panel that can dither and scalecaptured windows and pull-down menus, and then save them as PICT,GIF, or JPEG files. It also will put thedimensions of the image in the capture file's Get Infocomments.

You can obtain shareware and freeware programs from a number of online archives. For more, see ARCHIVED: For Mac OS X, where can I download freeware, shareware, commercialsoftware, and software updates?