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I have saved cells with double quotes in them and they save fine in CSV file (UTF-8) in Office 365. I only have csv, csv (dos), and csv (mac). I really need Excel to stop screwing up the foreign language characters when saving as csv. What is it that Excel actually saves them as that they don't work in my other apps? When using the export CSV option in Jira and the file contains non English characters, they are not displayed properly in Excel. By default Excel opens the CSV file with ANSI encoding. The ability to open the CSV file with UTF-8 encoding and non English characters was introduced in Excel 2016.

UTF-8 is the dominant character encoding in the Western hemisphere.

At present when importing and exporting .csv files UTF-8 is not supported and non-standard characters become garbled!

This is a massive wtf!

P.s. regex support in find and replace would also be super useful!

completed · Dan Battagin [MS XL] responded

= 2016-12-12 =
Hi all,

Just wanted to share the news that we’ve added support for UTF-8 encoded CSV files to Mac Excel.

Once you install Excel 2016 build 15.29 or later (which hit’s the streets shortly), you should have a working UTF-8 CSV option as one of the file types (and of course, we load them too).

Dan [MS]


PS – You may notice the option in Save As UTF-8 CSV in 15.28 as well. We had a couple bugs in it then, which is why we didn’t announce it. Please wait for 15.29 before using it.

= 2015-11-26 = Edius 6 for mac free download.

Thanks for the suggestion Matt. We’ll be taking a look at CSVs all up (there’s been a number of requests around them) and we’ll make sure we consider Mac as well. As always, to help us prioritize, keep the votes coming! We’ll be factoring those in as we work our way down the stack.

John [MS XL]

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