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Docker Desktop is the best way to get started with Docker on Mac. See Install Docker Desktop for download information, system requirements, and installation.

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Docker Desktop for Mac

Getting Docker Desktop for Mac

Docker Desktop for Mac is free to download.


If you don't understand something about Docker Desktop for Mac, the extensivedocumentation is a great placeto look for answers.


Users from the Docker Desktop community trade tips and tricks and discuss Docker Desktopfor Mac in the user forum.

Problems with the Docker Desktop for Mac software can be filed as issues in this(docker/for-mac) repository.

This Repository

This repository contains an issue tracker for Docker Desktop for Mac -- anintegrated Docker experience on OS X or macOS. If you find a problemwith the software, first browse the existingissues or search from the barat the top (s to focus) and then, if you don't find your issue, opena new issue.


Initially, issues areunlabeled. Issuesare labeled in order to make tracking them easier. The meaning of thelabels is roughly:

area/composerelated to docker/compose
area/databaserelated to the configuration database
area/dockerrelated to the Docker engine (docker/docker)
area/guirelated to the Graphical User Interface
area/linuxrelated to the Linux component
area/mountsrelated to -v bind mounts
area/networkrelated to container networking
area/notaryrelated to docker/notary
area/osxrelated to OS X or macOS integration
area/startuprelated to application installation or initialization
area/storagerelated to image and container storage (storage drivers)
area/volumesrelated to Docker volumes (volume drivers)
area/kuberelated to Kubernetes integration
kind/bugthis issue describes a defect
kind/docsthis issue describes a documentation change
kind/enhancementthis issue describes a change to existing functionality
kind/featurethis issue describes totally new functionality
kind/performancethis issue describes a performance problem or measurement
status/0-triageThe issue needs triaging
status/0-wont-fixThis issue will not be fixed and therefore can be closed
status/0-more-info-neededThe issue needs more information before it can be triaged
status/1-acknowledgedThe issue has been triaged and is being investigated
status/2-in-progressThe issue has been assigned to a engineer and is waiting a fix
status/3-fixedThe issue has been fixed in master
status/4-fix-released-betaThe fix has been released!
status/4-fix-released-stableThe fix has been released!

Component Projects

Docker Desktop for Mac uses many open source components. A full list ofcomponents and licenses is available inside of Docker Desktop from About Docker Desktop -> Acknowledgements in the 🐳 menu.

Some notable components include:

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  • HyperKit, a toolkit forembedding hypervisor capabilities in your application
  • DataKit, a tool to orchestrateapplications using a 9P dataflow
  • VPNKit, a set of tools andservices for helping HyperKit VMs interoperate with host VPNconfigurations